flavoured lubricants and oils Fundamentals Explained

Zinc waste and scrap; excluding squander and scrap of Main cells, Most important batteries and electrical accumulators

Single yarn (excl. sewing thread), that contains 85% or even more by fat of artificial staple fibres nes, not place up for retail sale

Unbleached or bleached woven fabrics, containing a lot less than 85% by pounds of artificial staple fibres, mixed generally or only with wool or great animal hair

- Tiles, cubes and similar articles or blog posts, whether rectangular, the largest area region of which can be effective at becoming enclosed within a sq. the side of that is under 7 cm

Woven ground coverings of wool or wonderful animal hair, of pile construction, manufactured up, not tufted or flocked

Mucilages & thickeners, whether modified, derived from locust beans, locust bean seeds or guar seeds

Woven fabrics nes, printed, containing eighty five% or more by pounds of filaments of nylon or other polyamides

Olive oil & its fractions (excl. virgin olive oil) if refined but not chemically modified

Posts Usually carried during the pocket or handbag with outer surface of plastic sheeting or textile materials

Woven fabrics nes, unbleached or bleached, containing eighty five% or more by bodyweight of synthetic filament or strip or even the like

Woven fabrics of yarns of different colours, made up of under eighty five% by fat of polyester staple fibres nes, combined primarily or entirely with cotton, of a excess weight exc one hundred seventy pop over here gsm

Crude cotton-seed oil, whether or not gossypol has become eliminated, whether or not refined although not chemically modified

Woven fabrics of combed wool or combed wonderful animal hair, containing eighty five% or maybe more by pounds of wool or great animal hair, of a excess weight not exc two hundred gsm

Dyed woven fabrics, containing below 85% by body weight of artificial staple fibres, mixed predominantly or only with cotton

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